The Move

In a recent post I wrote about some re-modeling which was going on around here and after finally re-writing the colophon I consider my move done. Who would have thought.

As so often with all things that I am doing (at least during the last few years) this now freshly re-instated blog, has undergone quite a bit of a journey.

The first version of Too Much Latte I have in February of 2010 as some sort of side-blog of mine. During that time I was running my first photoblog From 10 to 300mm and I planned Too Much Latte to be a place to post stuff which for one reason or the other didn’t really fit to my then photoblog From 10 to 300mm. What started as a little blog on the side quickly expanded into what is now my photoblog which after a little odyssey on its own is now running happily on

For a while this worked out just fine. That is until recently, when I was interested again to go back to the roots so to say, and have a place to write about, and share things that not necessarily fit nicely into my photoblog format. Something needed to happen.

Over the years of blogging I have developed a passion for writing in Markdown and as such a text-based blogging system sounded about right and for that reason time this blog was running on, a very nice platform. Still I was missing some things and was interested into something a bit more (what ever that more might be) and thought about using a similar, text-based blogging platform. But in the end, this all appeared to end up, in more tinkering than I was actually interested in, but just not that much.

So, long story short: I’m now happily back on Wordpress with a simply and beautiful theme from Elmastudio. Naturally I still insist on blogging in Markdown and quickly found a few plugins that make just this, very easy to do so.

While I just at it I set up comments (again) here on the blog and you are of course welcome to make use of it. Just saying…

So, for the time being I am all set and much to my own surprise satisfied with this setup and now just have to make sure to actually press the publish button from time to time.