Hello, I’m Sven Seebeck and you just ended up on my blog. I am a musician with a passion for photography, writing and blogging.

Often I find myself to tinker around with the themes and the design of any of my blogs more frequently than posting to them, but that is just what I do. Even though I presume that you happened to arrive here by pure accident, I invite you to read more about the things I do or simply browse the blog.

At the moment my social media presence is this blog you can find me @svenseebeck on the major networks even though I’m neglecting most. Hint: don’t even try Facebook. You may connect with me though on Micro.Blog or Mastodon, both I use daily.


I am mainting this blog in one form or the other since 2008 and during this time it has seen many iterations, hosted on various services, from photoblogs, to Wordpress, to (semi)static services, to Ghost, to Wordpress and now back to a flat file service. Currently I am happily running this blog on Blot.im .

The beauty of this service that it has no interface and is running off of plain-text files hosted on Dropbox and blogging is as simple as moving a file into a folder. Perfect!


Since I’m dealing here with plain text files, I use iA Writer for everything and on every device. Also Atom.io finds its use. It couldn’t be simpler.


Besides writing for this blog I have contributed several articles and tutorials in german language. My own writing aside, I have had the honour to be interviewed both in English and German. All of these have been published here:





All external content I link to on this site is naturally out of my control. While I do my best to be save I can’t guarantee anything. Should you get viruses, your computer burst into flames or anything similar, it is your own responsibility. For the time being I post here just for fun and mostly for myself, I retain the option to add affiliate-links at some point should I feel it useful to keep up a bit with the expenses for this blog.