kuhmo festival July 29, 2018
Watched Ant-Man and the Wasp the other day with the kids and enjoyed it a lot. July 21, 2018
Just read about Microsoft’s new Surface Go devices and am very intrigued. July 10, 2018
Sonny Stitt in 1982 June 28, 2018
Koitelinkoski June 28, 2018
John Coltrane's Lost Tapes June 22, 2018
The One With All The Hama Beads June 20, 2018
Mark Text - A Markdown Editor June 17, 2018
On the way back home from Legoland we ran into an Avengers Exhibition in Norrköping. June 16, 2018
The Star Wars exhibition at Legoland is very nice. June 13, 2018
A panorama taken approaching Stockholm. June 12, 2018
I’d say this is how you build an awesome Lego Bat-Cave and Wayne Manor. June 8, 2018
As much as a I like the idea of Firefox’s Side View experiment I totally enjoy the Color one much more. June 7, 2018
Had fun watching Solo with the kids today. June 3, 2018
And as of now, I officially start my summer vacation. May 30, 2018
And talking about beta’s: Carrot Weather is now also available on Android. May 29, 2018
Readably: A beautiful Android feed reader May 28, 2018
xkcd on GDPR May 26, 2018
Finished Audiobooks for May 24th May 24, 2018
Hampus Olsson's OnePlus 6 Wallpapers May 16, 2018
Homescreen for May 2018 May 16, 2018
Monday May 2018, 12.01.19 May 14, 2018
361163324 May 12, 2018
NinjaGo Dragon May 11, 2018
Wednesday May 2018, 12.45.03 May 9, 2018
No jacket May 9, 2018
Summer vacation May 7, 2018
Walked through Japan Badge May 3, 2018
Hauska Vappu! May 1, 2018
A few weeks worth of links April 26, 2018
Rocky Shore on Senja April 25, 2018
#MimmitKoodaa -> Codemate April 20, 2018
At the Särestöniemi Museum April 19, 2018
Added Gutenberg support to my theme April 11, 2018
I just finished the 22nd and, most importantly, last arrangement for the upcoming concerts and exams. April 8, 2018
Nice, the latest update to Gutenberg fixed the issues that in the past and it started to work nicely. April 6, 2018
I’m currently in the midst of writing some arrangements for some upcoming projects/exams when I ran into this: Postmodern Jukebox’s version of the Game of Thrones theme feat. April 3, 2018
Meanwhile in Finland. April 2, 2018
Having some fun with Google’s April fools. March 31, 2018
Walking the dog March 30, 2018
The more or less subtle hint that there is a Inoreader re-design coming up in the WIRED article gets me excited. March 30, 2018
Finished the audio-book version of Ready Player One the other day. March 29, 2018
My Podcast List for Spring 2018 March 23, 2018
Finished John Scalzi’s The Last Colony, book 3 in the Old Man’s War series. March 23, 2018
At work and using some off-time to get some work done. March 22, 2018
Sublime Zettelkasten System March 21, 2018
Stuck March 19, 2018
I own too many domains that I don’t use anymore yet have to renew all the time. March 19, 2018
Finished the audiobook of Stephen Hawkins’s A Brief History of Time. March 19, 2018
Vibes… March 17, 2018
Performing today with the OASBB feat. March 17, 2018
Custom Map Generator [Link] March 16, 2018
Homescreen for March 2018 March 14, 2018
My first Micro-Monday post and shout-out goes to @ChrisReed not only for his helpful article but also for helping me out with some Wordpress issues in the Slack channel 👍 March 12, 2018
The other day I finished the audiobook of Stephen Fry’s Mythos. March 12, 2018
I was looking for some illustration assets (which I still haven’t found, but that’s another story) and re-discovered this collection of wallpapers. March 11, 2018
Missed Thor Ragnarock in the movies and now finally had the chance to watch it. March 10, 2018
Hot Air Balloon… this Fitbit-badge could be interpreted also differently. March 8, 2018
ia Writer for Windows March 7, 2018
Finished reading John Scalzi’s Your Hatemail will be Graded last night and continued right away with more Scalzi: The Last Colony (Old Man’s War Book 3). March 5, 2018
While moving my site I had the idea to browse through my long dismissed photoblog From 10 to 300mm on Archive. March 5, 2018
While waiting I played around with the panorama feature of the Nokia 8 and tried a horizontal for a change. March 4, 2018
And back (again) to a self-hosted Blog March 3, 2018
Trying to cancel a hosting account. March 1, 2018
This is just brilliant. February 28, 2018
Jakie McLean documentary on Jazz Wax February 28, 2018
Accidentally started to write a book on a book with scale- and other technique exercises for saxophone with iA Writer and Sibelius. February 26, 2018
Do you use Todoist and always wanted to have more keyboard-shortcuts to navigate through the app? February 24, 2018
Another very interesting in documentary: BBC Documentary: Charlie Parker. February 23, 2018
Now that I’m finished with the Hitchhiker’s Guide Tiology of Five books I continued with Stephen Fry’s Mythos: A Retelling of the Myths of Ancient Greece. February 19, 2018
I’m quite impressed with the panorama function of the Nokia 8 camera. February 19, 2018
Art Pepper: Jazz Surviver February 17, 2018
Neat! February 15, 2018
Currently Reading February 11, 2018
Nice, my Nokia 8 already got the February security update. February 10, 2018
This just showed up in my feed. February 8, 2018
Despite just having backed/pre-ordered a new bag the other day more or less on a whim, this is totally me. February 8, 2018
Finally signed up for Storytel, think Spotify for audiobooks, and been enjoying it a lot so far. February 6, 2018
Appointment at the service station at 10:30. February 1, 2018
What's next on my Reading List January 30, 2018
View at breakfast today. January 27, 2018
Happy to learn it was the battery after all and therefore a quick fix. January 27, 2018
One of those days January 24, 2018
Audiobooks now officially available from Google Play January 23, 2018
Finished Persepolis Rising - Expanse #7 today. January 20, 2018
The telescoping effect January 18, 2018
My Todoist Report for 2017 January 12, 2018
Backed iA Writer for Windows on Kickstarter yesterday. January 11, 2018
-discover-books January 9, 2018
That moment you misalign the screen protector on a new phone by just this little bit. January 3, 2018
iA Writer BOOM! December 30, 2017
As a Christmas present Tiina got me Tim Leong’s books Star Wars Super Graphic and Super Graphic: A Visual Guide to the Comic Book Universe which are both gorgeous. December 29, 2017
Getting a new battery?! December 29, 2017
Are we alone in the universe? December 29, 2017
If you try the cricket-bar you don’t have to eat the carrot. December 29, 2017
Liking this. December 29, 2017
The Books I Read in 2017 December 28, 2017
Liked: Video: Cannonball in 1958 December 28, 2017
Enjoyed watching Doctor Who’s christmas episode. December 28, 2017
We went to see some reindeer in the morning. December 26, 2017
Merry Christmas everybody! December 24, 2017
Not built for dads. December 23, 2017
Reset December 22, 2017
And it continues… Almost every image upload fails. December 21, 2017
Yesterday we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary with a great dinner at Ostroferia and The Last Jedi. December 17, 2017
One 404 Error away from Madness December 16, 2017
Woah! December 15, 2017
Why Coffee Naps Will Perk You Up More Than Either Coffee, or Naps, Alone December 15, 2017
Some good ideas in here from Ben Britton: Improvising and Ending Your Lines December 14, 2017
Liked: Cultured Code Releases ‘Mail to Things’ December 12, 2017
Today at 17:30 me and Sami Juntunen are going to perform in Cafe Makia. December 12, 2017
A Castle Made Of December 9, 2017
Just by accident (read updating iTunes) I realized that iCloud is available on Windows as well. December 9, 2017
We had an earthquake last night. December 8, 2017
Old Man’s War as a movie sounds great. December 7, 2017
Anders Noren has some real nice and free Wordpress themes on his website. December 7, 2017
Would have been nice if It also would have been there. December 6, 2017
Woah! December 6, 2017
Had fun the other day performing with the OASBB at the official 100year celebration of the Finnish independence. December 4, 2017
Oh my, OF! November 30, 2017
Now that ECM records are available on iTunes I use a little downtime by listening to a long, but but not forgotten classic, Kenny Wheeler’s ”Music For Large And Small Ensembles”. November 29, 2017
I have a pain in my teeth that stops whenever I eat or brush my teeth. November 28, 2017
iA Writer’s new font November 25, 2017
And back to OmniFocus (again, like for the hundreth time) November 24, 2017
Took advantage of this offer and renewed my Inoreader subscription today. November 21, 2017
I was just looking for a new wallpaper and realized that this collection on grafiksyndikat. November 20, 2017
Liked: ECM Records Now Available on Apple Music November 17, 2017
Liked: How to Make Friends November 17, 2017
New in Today I Learned: playing about 60 bars of music on drums, roughly counts down to 150 steps on my Fitbit. November 13, 2017
In which Fraser and Federico get me exicted about iOS’s Notes. November 10, 2017
This looks like a neat solution to create breath marks in Sibelius. November 8, 2017
Back to Plus November 7, 2017
A phone a size of a Pop-Tart, yet I still need glasses. November 6, 2017
Nice! November 6, 2017
My wife made some delicious, yet belated, Halloween cupcakes! November 5, 2017
It's Podcast-Trailer-Time! November 3, 2017
Things Watched and Listened: October 2017 November 2, 2017
A Pumpkin instead October 31, 2017
First snow for this Winter. October 30, 2017
Blue screen of death is pink now. October 30, 2017
This! October 26, 2017
What's coming up in my Reading Edition #2 October 24, 2017
Finished the first 7 minute workout in two months. October 24, 2017
Finished: The Lego Millennium Falcon October 23, 2017
Every time I change a theme I am but reminded how inconsistent themes handle similar elements. October 20, 2017
Another great find on JAzzWax and a video that I will have to check out: Dizzy Gillespie Documentary, 1990 - JazzWax October 17, 2017
Reading Stats Progress October 14, 2017
Yesterday’s achievement: October 14, 2017
Yesterday’s gig performing the music from Birth of the Cool was a good one and a reward for all the work that went into it. October 13, 2017
Celebrating our five year old’s birthday with this great cake curtesy of my wife! October 10, 2017
I stand corrected. October 7, 2017
Joel Frahm: It's the how we play October 6, 2017
A BeBop-Scale Loop October 5, 2017
Something new for a change: Site got stuck in _Maintenance Mode _after/during updating a bunch of plugins. October 3, 2017
Updated to Sibelius 8. October 2, 2017
Finally finished the first season of Expanse. September 28, 2017
Have photos of cats you want to post? September 27, 2017
Bat-Wall September 27, 2017
Pocket Casts is long my favourite podcast client and now web-app gets seriously improved! September 25, 2017
Up or through the roof September 23, 2017
Done! September 22, 2017
Sibelius Cloud Sharing September 18, 2017
Room with a view September 17, 2017
What's next in my Reading List September 16, 2017
Didn’t know that Art Pepper did also some movie soundtracks. September 13, 2017
Started to work with Lightroom again over the weekend and happily noticed that even after a two years (or even longer) break, I quickly remembered all the commonly used keyboard shortcuts again. September 12, 2017
Fast as always I finally came around to process some of the images from last year. September 10, 2017
Tiina blew my mind by introducing me to the DEL-Key. September 7, 2017
Witout you, we just be scaring ourselves August 31, 2017
A small but welcome speed boost August 31, 2017
Talking about podcasts… Just learned about this one, which right up my alley and seems to be very interesting: LeVar Burton Reads Short Fiction to You in New Podcast August 31, 2017
I like the built-in solarized theme in Atom a lot but this looks very nice. August 29, 2017
Aikuinen nainen. August 26, 2017
Obviously time to say goodbye to summer. August 25, 2017
Me, right there: A little inspiration goes a long way. August 23, 2017
Sami Juntunen (piano) and me are going to perform today at 18:00 at Cafe Makia. August 22, 2017
👍“Nachdem ich mich dann aber überhaupt nicht im Themedschungel auf WordPress. August 21, 2017
From Raw to Cooked to Sushi August 18, 2017
When the music is being read on the likes of iPads, all bets are off August 17, 2017
Great new episode of The Magnus Archive. August 17, 2017
Very nice article and listening the recording right now: Chet Baker: Live in London August 15, 2017
A fishing cottage on Senja, Norway. August 14, 2017
I was wondering if there is a string-instrument lower than the double-bass. August 11, 2017
Since it’s #internationalcatday today our own tiger. August 8, 2017
Just figured out that Day One recently introduced browser extensions for Chrome and Safari. August 8, 2017
After the Big Band concert I had the chance to meet one of my all-time heroes Jerry Bergonzi August 7, 2017
Yesterdays concert was a good one, this is certainly a fun program to play and people enjoyed it. August 6, 2017
Following the post with Metal Band names another one for, say, non-metal-bands. August 4, 2017
After you have visited the Big Band gig on Friday you can of course come to Jumpru Pub on Saturday at 16:30 and listen to us performing the music of Charles Mingus. August 3, 2017
"Keep the Pad Unstuck" July 31, 2017
Since I haven’t even started with the write-up of the trip, here already another image from along the road. July 30, 2017
Nice! July 29, 2017
The question “How did Finland become such fertile ground for wacky sports? July 28, 2017
Activated cross-posting from the blog to Facebook. July 28, 2017
I used Scrivener for my humble needs in the past but it is way too powerful for me. July 27, 2017
Albeit a bit more cumbersome, this does work in Chrome as well. July 26, 2017
I order to not clutter my blog I have moved the microblog entries to away from the front-page and into it’s own faux-sub-page to feature longer entries on the homepage. July 25, 2017
We went to the circus the other day. July 25, 2017
Facebook Cross-Posting July 22, 2017
Rocks and cottage in the mountains between Norway and Sweden. July 22, 2017
A beautiful white beach at Bøvær. July 22, 2017
Mentally adding the inventor of crayons to the list of people that clearly hate parents. July 21, 2017
For the first time in months needed to a computer without hi-res or retina display. July 21, 2017
Perfect! July 20, 2017
Sonny Rollins live in 1968. July 19, 2017
I think PDF-view was about the final piece missing for solving my note-taking issue and building a Dropbox/Folder- based plain-text notes-app with Atom. July 19, 2017
This happens to me all the time. July 19, 2017
Yikes! July 19, 2017
Very nice. July 18, 2017
Interesting. July 18, 2017
Found in document-outline a very nice package to further pimp my Atom. July 18, 2017
Spotify’s search is utterly useless. July 18, 2017
Amazon may be working on a new messaging service called ‘Anytime’: July 17, 2017
Dropbox Based Publishing Platforms July 15, 2017
Been looking for a nice cross-platform notes solution and found Standard Notes. July 15, 2017
Coffee to Milk ratio… Brilliant: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Espresso July 13, 2017
Today I learned that a narrow road through the mountains with less that 10m visibility is both scary and fun. July 13, 2017
Cape North is even foggier and stormier than last time. July 13, 2017
Yesterday’s posts were brought to you from this beautiful location. July 11, 2017
Likes: Why I prefer blogging on the open web July 11, 2017
A vantage point on the way to Bøvær. July 11, 2017
Road trip day 2 is about to start. July 11, 2017
On the way to Norway in Abisko National Park. July 10, 2017
We had a fun day at the zoo the other day. July 8, 2017
07/07/2017, 05:59 July 7, 2017
Did some pre-coffee adjustments on the backend July 6, 2017
This got to be my favorite live-stream at the moment: Bears in Alaska July 6, 2017
Summer, obviously. July 6, 2017
I was a little too optimistic. July 6, 2017
Home-Screen for July 2017 July 4, 2017
I feel confident that I have now made all the adjustments to the CSS and now will have to clean up the mess I made here. July 4, 2017
Yeah! July 4, 2017
This is crazy. July 4, 2017
In reply to: Day One Premium and the Future July 3, 2017
A great article on two newly released Art Pepper recordings: Art Pepper: More West Coast July 3, 2017
Here’s an error I don’t want to do a second time, aka filed under today I learned: An error in a themes’ function. July 3, 2017
Too bad. July 2, 2017
Exploring the various plugins and services related to Indieweb. July 2, 2017
361158629 July 1, 2017
During the last few days I realized that I find Firefox’s developer tools a lot easier to use than Chrome’s. July 1, 2017
I never liked the un-responsiveness of the Spotify embed, so I responsified it. May 31, 2017
Changing the colour of my Todoist. May 31, 2017
Starting the day with a classic: Dexter Gordon - Sophisticated Giant May 31, 2017
It’s been a while since last time. May 30, 2017
I’m still torn whether to use a single or two column theme on the blog. May 30, 2017
Summer vacation commenced! May 29, 2017
Caret: A Markdown Editor May 28, 2017
After playing with Caret. May 28, 2017
Twackle, crump-eth! May 28, 2017
Woah, I totally forgot about the Todoist integration with Google Assistant. May 28, 2017
You may be drinking something that gives a burn from top to bottom May 26, 2017
I just read the article Cover Story: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the Definitive Preview and liked it. May 26, 2017
In Moto 360 (2nd Gen. May 25, 2017
I guess I’m somewhere between sticking to one move the whole evening and the drink boxer. May 25, 2017
Star Wars improves everything, also Carcassonne. May 24, 2017
After the iPad had been dormant for a while and after updating all the things I was stoked to realize how bad keyboard support still is. May 24, 2017
In Don’t Blame Twitter — Dave Pell — Medium May 23, 2017
The downside of spring: ticks. May 23, 2017
I just read the article When the Hell Will We Find Planet Nine? May 22, 2017
It’s finally getting spring. May 22, 2017
My streak continues and I had another 7 Minute workout today. May 21, 2017
For the 2nd birthday of our daughter, Tiina made her a cake of her two favourite superheros. May 21, 2017
Replaced milk with Almond Milk for my Latte this morning. May 20, 2017
My Mastodon sticker arrived earlier this week. May 20, 2017
I am not much of a handwritten note-taker but Rocketbook looks compelling. May 19, 2017
In Note-taking made easier for everyone—redesigning OneNote - Office Blogs May 19, 2017
I gave up (again) and after four (maybe five) themes changes and trialing even more I went for the simplest that I could find and made it even simpler. May 19, 2017
I shouldn’t be allowed to have free time. May 18, 2017
Even though it still needs some tweaking and a bit more refinement, I am currently rather satisfied with IFTTT applets to publish to my blog. May 18, 2017
A Plethora of Space Operas May 17, 2017
Kind of looking forward to see what is going to be announced at I/O today. May 17, 2017
80267 views. May 16, 2017
Had a bit of free time and the first thing I did was changing the blog’s theme. May 16, 2017
In Fluid Responsive Typography With CSS Poly Fluid Sizing — Smashing Magazine May 16, 2017
I just finished reading the articleHow to improve your sleep and liked it. May 16, 2017
The last really busy week of this schoolyear started. May 15, 2017
And yes, it had been snowing today again. May 14, 2017
Also: today I learned one can burn chocolate in the microwave, when trying to melt it. May 13, 2017
Unrelated: The cat is crazy about croissants. May 13, 2017
About to start baking a cake for my wife with the kids. May 13, 2017
After two nights of concerts, teaching on a Saturday morning seemingly requires more coffee than I have available here. May 13, 2017
Well, that didn’t work. May 12, 2017
Now that I have successfully setup a workflow including Inoreader and IFTTT to post updates to my blog, I’m now giving Microsoft Flow a try, to see if it a) works and b) would be faster because it involves less steps. May 12, 2017
Ouch May 11, 2017
If you are into spooky audio dramas The Magnus Archives might be for you. May 11, 2017
There is a significant speed increase of my blog since I switched to using system fonts. May 11, 2017
After my Alto mouthpiece broke in the morning I managed to get my old mouthpiece back. May 11, 2017
Neat! May 11, 2017
So, I did the inevitable and most reasonable thing and moved my microblog posts back to my own blog. May 11, 2017
Taskzy May 10, 2017
And here’s your daily weather update: sun and snow. May 10, 2017
Just had my first micro-blogging crisis. May 10, 2017
I’m in the process to figure out how to best automate publishing to my micro-blog. May 10, 2017
May… Looks like. May 9, 2017
I hate to bring this up again: but after the hail in the morning it just now has started to snow again. May 9, 2017
Funny how coffee always taste always so much better before 6am. May 9, 2017
Which reminds me that my Spotify library and playlist situation is a complete mess. May 8, 2017
Nice new case for the phone arrived today. May 8, 2017
Woah. May 8, 2017
Alright. May 8, 2017
Taking a break and fiddling with IFTTT applets while waiting. May 8, 2017
The last two, and probably most busy weeks of this school season, started surprisingly smooth. May 8, 2017
Enjoying the latest Episode of No Such Thing As A Fish with guest John Hodgman. May 7, 2017
5:47am Obviously Sundays are starting earlier than other days. May 7, 2017
Okay. May 6, 2017
In an effort to simplify my micro-blogging/status update/POSSE thingy I have now connected my blog to Mastodon. May 6, 2017
After ironing out one weird issue with the RSS feed, I have now the foundation for a lifestream site, which at the same time will also be able to almost selectively auto-post elsewhere. May 6, 2017
Indeed, the category feed is the culprit. May 6, 2017
Jeps, it seems there was (or is, trying to figure this out right now) an issue when adding the feed from a category. May 6, 2017
I changed the feed from the main feed of the site to the category feed of the status updates. May 6, 2017
Still having some issues, but I came now up with a different solution to filter the RSS feed. May 6, 2017
There is some weird encoding showing up on Micro. May 6, 2017
Last adjustments didn’t work either. May 6, 2017
Well, this was only partly successful. May 6, 2017
Yeah. May 6, 2017
Now having a few minutes… May 5, 2017
Mini Vlog #1 May 5, 2017
Had a nice lunch with my lovely wife today. May 5, 2017
Good morning. May 5, 2017
Re-watched Deadpool this evening. May 5, 2017
I just realized that I don’t have to write any arrangements for this schoolyear anymore. May 4, 2017
Catching up with the latest Dr. May 4, 2017
The upcoming concert requires an unreasonable amount of doubling on clarinet. May 4, 2017
I spent some time during the last few days and though about what would be the best way for me to integrate Micro. May 4, 2017
Realized that my Mastodon instance seems to be down for quite some time. May 3, 2017
Thanks to a clarification from @manton I actually got the mirco. May 1, 2017
361156166 May 1, 2017
Mirco Fiddling April 30, 2017
Since we had a snowstorm the other day, not that I’m bitter, I was reminded of this nice info-graphic published by NASA a while ago. April 27, 2017
Micro.Blog April 26, 2017
"To find the best things in the history of the internet" April 25, 2017
On Mastodon April 23, 2017
To Theme And Back April 20, 2017
Stay in Material April 13, 2017
Jerry April 11, 2017
"1000" April 10, 2017
Things I Like This Week #4 April 9, 2017
Blogging from Coffee Shops April 7, 2017
"Get out of Nuzzel for a few minutes during your lunch break and try some indie blogs" April 6, 2017
"I Better to try to work on it" April 4, 2017
Home-Screen for April 2017 April 3, 2017
Seven Years April 2, 2017
My Podcast List for Spring 2017 March 31, 2017
Inferno March 26, 2017
Almost Done March 22, 2017
I knew it had been in beta already, but I didn’t expect Android 7. March 17, 2017
Google Docs has become a great Blog Editor March 17, 2017
Windows March 12, 2017
I was pleasantly surprised to wake up in the morning and to realize that Google Assistanthad arrived on my device. March 10, 2017
Submarine March 9, 2017
I’m having way too much fun with Prisma recently and currently editing a few of my older images. March 8, 2017
"No more copy and paste headaches" March 7, 2017
A Duo-Lingual Communication Issue March 7, 2017
I am supposed to do something entirely different March 6, 2017
"How to practice effectively" March 2, 2017
Trappist 1 - The Website February 25, 2017
"Perfection: Antoine de Saint Exupéry" February 24, 2017
Tuesday Jazz - Chet Baker: The Last Great Concert February 21, 2017
New Simplenote for macOS February 16, 2017
Talking about reading. February 15, 2017
The next books on my Reading List February 13, 2017
Äkäslompolo February 12, 2017
New York State Of Mind: Tenor-Solo February 10, 2017
Jeij, Android Wear 2. February 8, 2017
Bronzeville - Audio Drama February 7, 2017
Bob Mintzer instructional videos on You Tube February 6, 2017
Distraction February 3, 2017
On the Lake January 28, 2017
Mingus January 28, 2017
Grandmaster January 20, 2017
Comments January 17, 2017
'A Language of Whistles' January 16, 2017
Home-Screen for January 2017 January 12, 2017
On swearing in Finnish January 9, 2017
Mirco.Blog January 4, 2017
Some Stats January 3, 2017
Expanse December 30, 2016
Waiting December 21, 2016
5th Anniversary December 16, 2016
My new headphones: OnePlus Bullets v2 December 12, 2016
The Books I finished in 2016 December 4, 2016
My Podcast List for 2016 December 2, 2016
Sven' November 22, 2016
Upcoming new Google Music November 14, 2016
106 Days November 5, 2016
M.R. James (Audio)Books October 28, 2016
Tunable 2.0 October 27, 2016
'There are consistent changes to your sound' October 24, 2016
The second backpack in less than a year died on me. October 24, 2016
The Walking Dead audio-drama (German) October 23, 2016
If you have nothing else to do today, feel free to drop by at 21:00 @Tulinberg Sali. October 13, 2016
For Your Daily Zombie Needs October 12, 2016
Ninja Go Cake October 9, 2016
It's Alive October 7, 2016
'Return Home' October 6, 2016
OmniFocus's Spotlight integration October 6, 2016
"How Much Coffee Will Kill You" October 4, 2016
Twenty Seventeen October 3, 2016
If you have nothing else to do and look for a nice concert to go to, you are welcome to drop by at 16 o’clock at Valve. October 1, 2016
The Bright Sessions September 28, 2016
At the Toy Store September 28, 2016
Print to PDF on iOS September 22, 2016
Yesterday was update-day and for the first time ever my main machine didn’t play the startup sound. September 21, 2016
MarsCorp Podcast September 18, 2016
A iOS 10 ‘Yay’ moment September 14, 2016
Now that I have digested the keynote a few thoughts: September 12, 2016
“A Timeline of Earth’s Average Temperature” September 12, 2016
The Magnus Archives September 9, 2016
A Road Trip through Norway: Part 3 September 3, 2016
"So I did what any rational person would do in this position. I tried 47 other apps" September 2, 2016
The WordPress app is getting better and better: I just fixed a 5px too narrow padding in the CSS of my blog from my phone. August 31, 2016
"A Disorienting Journey Through Spacetime" August 29, 2016
A few Things I Liked August 26, 2016
Instapaper August 25, 2016
Make it Stranger August 18, 2016
The Deep Vault Podcast August 17, 2016
Things I liked this week August 7, 2016
OMG OF! August 4, 2016
Lego Carbon Freezing Chamber August 4, 2016
Hayward Sanitarium Podcast August 3, 2016
Things I liked during the last Weeks July 30, 2016
Neil Gaiman: "Reading Aloud" July 29, 2016
Pocket Casts Update July 28, 2016
Finally got "Start Dates" July 27, 2016
Tiny devices running iOS 4 July 26, 2016
The 2Do Switch July 22, 2016
The One With The Reader: continued July 21, 2016
In a spur of a moment I started to use my old iPhone 5s again. July 19, 2016
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Every time I get up at stupid o’clock have a nice large mug of Cafè-Latte and do some reading I wonder why I am not doing this every day. May 4, 2016
Recently I found myself using Wordpress’s_ Press This_ bookmarklet for posting to the blog. May 3, 2016
I haven’t yet received the update yet but this looks very nice. May 3, 2016
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It just seems like a natural event that, the moment I sit down at the workshop, have a coffee and start working while waiting to get the summer-tires attached, it has to start snowing again. April 13, 2016
Home Screen for April 2016 April 6, 2016
Just received the payment receipt for a long-forgotten pre-order. April 5, 2016
Cotton Reloaded March 28, 2016
Google Metronome March 23, 2016
Earthquake March 20, 2016
Tomorrow, on the 19th of March, our Oulu All Stars Big Band will perform with the vocal ensemble Touche from Denmark. March 18, 2016
Cleaned my headphones today. March 14, 2016
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It is funny how minus 23 degrees celsius starts to feel almost warm after two weeks at the edge of -30 degrees. January 20, 2016
Blogroll: Jazz Wax January 19, 2016
Well, this is not good: my favourite backpacks zipper broke and in effect rendering the bag rather useless. January 13, 2016
Awesome January 11, 2016
I haven’t had coffee in six days now, which probably is the longest time without in almost 30 years. January 8, 2016
"Profound-sounding nonsense" January 6, 2016
Quote Stephen King January 5, 2016
The Message Podcast January 4, 2016
As deadlines are approaching I’m getting back into the routine of working in the early mornings. January 3, 2016
Note to self: Don’t expect Sibelius to play-back the trumpet part if you write tacet at some point into the part. January 3, 2016
"Every Year I Make One Of These Stupid Lists" January 2, 2016