We celebrated our son’s sixth birthday with yet another great cake courtesy of my wife. Related: cake-for-breakfast

Still figuring out what causes the feed issues.

I realized that, for some reason, the feed doesn’t seem to import correctly. Let’s see if this shows up, and more important: when.

It’s already very autumn” outside, which considered that it already been snowing, should come as no surprise.

Now that Gutenberg is available on WordPress.com (I’m not sure if there was any announcement anywhere, or if it’s a still semi-offcial beta thingy) I quickly made some adjustments to the CSS of my theme to make it more or less compliant, despite the fact I’m still torn whether or not to move this blog, again.

I had the idea of using a combination of Micro.blog for short posts and Blot.im for longer ones. Which, despite the advantages of either platform, seems to make things rather more convoluted. Also doesn’t save me any money either.

I have moved this blog way too many times (this year already twice, don’t ask) and despite continuously trying to find a better solution, always came back to WordPress.com. Yes, there are some limitations (I sure would like to use my own fonts for example, or install my own plugins), but overall it’s very trouble-less, fast and reliable.

Anyway, now that Gutenberg is here, I’m looking forward to see which themes they are going to add, which support Gutenberg fully.

Update: Now that I actually have made the decision to try the workflow with Blot.im and Micro.blog this post is kinda redundant, but I keep it around, like every other redundant thing.

Bought new keyboard case because the old one didn’t agree with the coffee which spilled upon. Related pro tip: don’t dry the keys with hair-dryer: keys melt faster than expected.