Last week we had sub-freezing temperatures, snow and I already got winter-tyres for the car. Today, we just came back home from a nice walk at the beach, in blazing sunlight and 20 degrees celsius. Weather is weird.

More Ninja Go Lego sets have arrived in the form of our son’s birthday gifts in our household. These two models are very nice looking, large and surprisingly heavy and obviously from everyone favourite Ninja Go series.

Either took quite a while to get done, but the effort was worth it as both models feature very nice details and are rather sturdy. I have the feeling the latter is going to be rather helpful.

We celebrated our son’s sixth birthday with yet another great cake courtesy of my wife. Related: cake-for-breakfast

Still figuring out what causes the feed issues.

I realized that, for some reason, the feed doesn’t seem to import correctly. Let’s see if this shows up, and more important: when.

It’s already very autumn” outside, which considered that it already been snowing, should come as no surprise.